How To Unlock an iPad

Steps how To Unlock an iPad 2019 -2020: A few months ago, a friend came to ask me how to unlock iPad, I really had no idea, we didn’t want to pay a technician. We decided to look for alternatives in the different forums that we found on the Internet that help unlock iPad.

We were recommended to use software that this month was launching a new 100% successful method, we looked for it and performed the unlocking process, it was not very complicated. You only need to have access to the Internet, a computer, the original cable of your device and have iTunes installed.

The software is very simple you can find it available here, you do not need to perform surveys to perform the download.

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Steps how To Unlock an iPad

The first thing we must have on our computer is; downloaded the software that will help us unlock iPad.

We will run the software, we install it; this will ask permission from the user administrator; which we must accept to begin the process.

We will connect the device in DFU mode on the PC with the original cable.

We expect iTunes to recognize it and show us a recovery mode message. (If for some reason iTunes shows you an error, I will leave you a few steps on how to fix it; according to the error presented)

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Once this is done, we will go to the window opened by the software and this will show us a series of options on how you want to unlock iPad. ( iCloud Unlock, Show device and user password, Skip Face ID or Touch ID, Unlock by IMEI). Once you choose the option, you will make a backup before starting the unlocking process so that we do not miss any information such as photos, videos, notes and contacts.

After you have given in the unlock option we must wait for it to charge which will take 1 or 2 minutes, when the iPhone finishes it will restart, showing the first screen where you should choose the country and from there follow its settings. It should be noted that this unlock is permanent.

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Where to Locate the Backup

The software places us on disk C: in a file called Software Bypass 2019, inside this folder we will locate a subfolder named Backup which contains the backup.

Errors that may occur when connecting your device to iTunes:

If for some reason iTunes shows an erro 11 / 17 / 54 / 2005 / 2003. Here are some solutions that can help us:

Check that your PC is connected to the internet.

Use the original cable of the device.

Connect and reconnect the device to the USB cable

Update iTunes to the latest version.

Disable antivirus security.

Restart your laptop and reopen iTunes.