Unlock iCloud Account

Easy ways to unlock iCloud account on iPhone: If you have purchased an iPhone with iCloud locked; I want to tell you that there is a way to unlock iCloud using a specialized service to unlock iPhone. These services release the device from the previous owner’s account and allow you to configure it with our own iCloud account; which means you can make calls; send messages; Download and use the applications.

These services that are offered by third parties and that are being derived from iCloud, work 100% successful. This same website will leave you to download tool that I use to solve this type of problem that is presented to more than one daily.

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Without much detour  we will see how this process is done …

Steps on How to Unlock iCloud Account on iPhone

  1. We register using IMEI on the Global server or in the United States.
  2. Download iCloud unlock software.
  3. We will install the software, the administrator will ask us for permission; of user; which we must accept and this will be installed automatically.
  4. We run the software
  5. Connect the device with an original cable to the PC
  6. Put the device into DFU mode (on iPhone X: volume up – volume down and press the power off button until the iTunes icon and USB cable come out. If it’s on iPhone 6, you’ll need to press the home and the off button until the same screen as the X’s comes out)
  7. We go to the software and hope you finish recognizing it.
  8. When finished, it will show us a button that says unlock, click there and immediately; This will start charging.
  9. We wait about 5 minutes for the process to finish.
  10. Done will restart the iPhone being automatically free of the previous iCloud lock and ready for you to set it up and use it again.
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Why Should You Use This Software?

It is effective when releasing the iPhone from iCloud; And the unlock is permanent.

You must not purchase a software activation license.unlock icloud account

It runs on all platforms or operating systems.

It is compatible with all iOS including Betas.

Works with all Apple devices (iPhone – iPad – iPod Touch)

Works on 32-bit and 64-bit Windows.

It doesn’t require much disk space.

The download is free.

You can get the software on this website.

Allows you to unlock only 2 devices.