Restore iPhone Without iTunes

Best alternatives to Restore iPhone Without iTunes 2019 – 2020: Are you looking for how to remove lock from your iPhone, but you haven’t found the solution? Don’t worry here on this website I will teach you how to unlock any device with different locking alternatives, you choose what is your best option.

These methods that I am giving you; a Most of my friends who have an iPhone and for some reason were locked, they did the process and it worked 100%, without paying extra money or having a technician by their side.

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These tools can be obtained on this website, since they are free for anyone who wants to use them, and the download is free.

Restore iPhone Without iTunes 2019 – 2020

One of the first alternatives is using third-party software that allows us to bypass iCloud activation screen.

Software Unlock

These softwares are free and open source; that create communication channels by evading Apple servers, permanently unlock any Apple device, but some of these are not completely free, some must buy the license to activate other functions they have and make the most of the download. Others will only allow you to see if it is compatible or will only allow you to unlock a single device.

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This method Restore iPhone Without iTunes is 100% legal.

The good thing is that you can get it here and download it with your user manual. They are available for different operating systems.

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Dedicated Servers

Dedicated servers are unique servers that are used to unlock iOS devices that are stuck on any lock screen (Face ID, Touch ID, password, or Apple ID)

These servers are derivation iCloud, are only available online, but in order to use them you must register with a global external server or the United States server using the IMEI number in order for the iPhone to be unlocked to be registered with the database.

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This alternative does not allow us to lose any guarantee with Apple and how good the iPhone is running on any network carrier. It also allows us to access all the features that iCloud gives us without any restriction.

Unlock by IMEI

The last alternative to unlock your iPhone is to use IMEI, which is one of the easiest methods you can find on the Internet.

To perform this process, we must first register on a server with our IMEI number already registered, this server redirects us to a new page where the unlocking will take place and there you must provide the IMEI number and the model of the device again and click on unlock iPhone with IMEI; This begins to enter the device system by identifying it by the serial number. The process only takes approximately 3 minutes.

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During the process, it shows us a dialog box with everything that is done in the iPhone system at that time, such as: the removal of the imei, the connection of the new iMei with the device, the Xploit in the device system and the Download and installation of the new file.

This method leaves the device updated with the latest version of iOS.

Look no further and try any of the alternatives I offer here, whatever you want to use is accompanied by tutorials for its use.