Bypass iCloud Activation Lock

How To Bypass iCloud Activation Lock: A few days ago on one of the forums that talkabouts how to unlock Apple devices. asking a question of how I could unlock iCloud without having to pay or damage device. Some users responded by giving me different workarounds.

Some of these solutions are to use third-party software or iCloud bypass servers, after selecting the different tools that could work I found one that solved my locking problem.

This software that is compatible with all operating systems on the market is easy to use, besides that it comes integrated with a toolkit. I would say it is very complete. Within its kit we find (videos Tutorials, User Manual, Installation Manual and if for some reason you do not manage to unlock device. or the process fails you have the possibility of being helped by a developer of that software, this technical support is only provided just one time).

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Read below and find out how to unlock device and download tool free.

Bypass iCloud Activation Lock Tool

To start the process, it is necessary to have the device in DFU mode and connected with the USB cable to the computer. Then we proceed to run the software that does not require installation, since it is not an administrator tool. It will start scanning automatically and shows us all the device information (device type, model, iOS version, server status, the type of server it is connected to and the type of lock the device has: Touch ID, Face ID, Access Code and Apple ID).

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Once the above appears, you will locate the Unlock iDevice button, this start

bypass icloud activation lock
Bypass iCloud Activation lock

communicating immediately through hosts to the dedicated servers that are responsible for unlocking device and removing it from Apple servers.

Once the process is finished, it will show us a message (Successful process, your device has been unlocked), it automatically restarts, ready for your new configuration.

iCloud Bypass Software Functions

This software works through hosts, allowing to pass or create communication channels with mirror servers, which help to make the unlock successful.

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Performs an xploit on the device system, altering the activation of the device.

It does not need installation since it is a non-administrator application.

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Contains a complete toolkit.

Works on Windows – Mac – Linux.

Files extracted from the device are saved by the local disk C:

It allows you to unlock up to three devices, then you must purchase the pro version.

For iPhone case it continues to work on the network operator (Att – Verizon – T-Mobile – Sprint)

Bypass iCloud Activation Lock Permanently mind.

Unlock and Change iPhone IMEI.

If the network carrier locks iPhone when it connects to the software it automatically detects it as locked by the network and provides us with an unlock code that allows us to unlock network.

Network unlock is not deleted.

It is automatically updated to the latest iOS version.