In the world of idevices there are platforms, configuration software; of operating systems (iOS Windows Linux), this software allows the user to interact to customize access to a series of updates; In the case of Apple devices, there is an internally efficient security system in its configuration that can be connected to the unlock server that is in the cloud remotely, this server is called Albert Apple; To access these online services, you must be the sole owner or holder of the original access credentials of your device, configured at the beginning of the Buy your iPhone, iPod, iPad.

For the common case that you forget the credentials of access to your device
You must choose to use external servers or tools such as:
xAmpp; that can evade the original Apple server, giving way to a
New idevice configuration.

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aPche server; It is an open source web server for different platforms.
Recovery backup; this server retrieves a file called where
find the original passwords of your idevice by making a copy of
security. But without a doubt one of the best iCloud unlocking servers is
server for unlock iphone 6s / 7/8 / XR since it has a 100% effectiveness rate that it provides to users
idevice apple the easiest and safest way to configure your devices without
Without restrictions

How Server Works to Unlock iPhone 6s for Free

To configure your device using these tools the protocol that follows is
launch an xploit that violates the original apple system, analyzing and doing a
backup in order to decrypt (decryp) the host files and finally create a
mirror server that allows us to access or bypass the iCloud apple platform
giving us the opportunity to delete the original password and set it as new


we can find the server online and its download we can verify it in the
Links from this website.
I must also highlight that the server is easy to access and has a simple interface giving
step so that any user can use it and finish their removal process
iCloud successfully.