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How to Unlock iPhone 7 if you don’t remember password or code>> Software Free<<

How to Unlock iPhone 7 if you don't remember password or code>> Software Free

How to Unlock iPhone 7 if you don’t remember the password or code , it is still possible to unlock  to continue using it as normal. The process is really simple and easy, you can leave the phone fully operational. This process will also  valid for the iPhone 7 Plus.

How to get iPhone 7 Activation Lock

We teach you how to unlock your iPhone 7 if you forgot the password or the code security

If there is something that we value today is privacy, our iOS devices are full of personal information,  privacy and Apple has made a lot of effort  ensure that privacy is safe, for this we have several security measures, Face ID in the iPhone 7 case, Touch ID on all other iPhone and iPad devices the most famous iphone 7  unlock code.

But … what happens if we don’t remember the code that allows us to access the iphone 7?

nothing happens, because we will teach you how to unlock an iPhone 7 if you  not remember the password or code when you do not remember it.

how to Unlock iPhone 7 if you don't remember password or code

This is possible thanks to iLockBypass and its unlock option, the developers @Teamunlock have created an excellent tool for iOS that allows you to easily unlock your iPhone 7 when you forget the password or code on your device simply do not know the password, even  you acquire a second-hand model, it will only take you 5 minutes  complete the process!

iLockBypass Unlock iPhone 7, in 5 minutes.

The new and free iLockBypass tool is one  the best since we will not have to worry about having  iPhone 7 locked, it is a software capable of how to Unlock iPhone 7 if you don’t remember password or code even iPhone 7plus, in  easy way , effective and will only take you 5 minutes, it is compatible with any iOS device and updated with iOS 14 beta version.

iLockBypass is useful for those cases where:

  • We want to recover a password that we changed a long time ago.
  • when we buy iphone 6 / 6s / 7/7 plus / 8/8 plus / X second hand and it is locked.
  • Someone has reset your password.
  • When you enter the password several times and we have locked the device.
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As you can see, iLockBypass software offers you a wide portfolio of everyday situations that can happen to with our iPhone, ipad and where each and every one of them has solution if you use the tool know how to Unlock iPhone 7 if you don’t remember password or code without complications.

Do you want to know how to use ilockbypass Unlock iPhone 7 if you don’t remember the password or the code?

Software is available for both Mac computers and for those who use Windows, there is no need to worry, iLockBypass offers us  effective solution for unlocking  iphone 7.

The software has a simple and practical interface where we only have to follow few simple steps and in a matter of no more than 5 minutes the work is done and iPhone 7 can be used without any problem.

The way to use iLockBy is as follows:

  1.  Download the iLockBypass software.
  2.  Register your device on our virtual platform with the serial number.
  3. Jailbreak checkra1n to your iphone 7 device.
  4.  Connect the device, run the tool as Administrator.
  5.  Press click” unlock now iphone 7 “, it will start executing unlock codes using iLockBypass unlock console.
  6.  After the process, your device will reboot and a series of codes will appear on the screen of the iphone 7 device, where the software will send you a message saying “your device has been successfully unlocked”.


iLockbypass tool


iLockBypass  an excellent tool to unlock locked iOS devices when you have forgotten your password or code, its speed and efficiency make a very important tool  the web and it takes a fairly outstanding position from now on.
iLockBypass also has the ability to perform the following functions:

  • Recover deleted files Copy data from an old phone to new one Transfer of music, photos and files between iOS device and computer (Windows or Mac).
  • Repair any system software failure Manage backups.
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From now on you will not have to worry about forgetting the password of your iPhone 7 device, since with our software the iPhone 7 or iPad will be working 100% again.