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Unlock iPhone 7

Unlock iPhone 7Plus

How To Unlock iPhone 7

If you have an iPhone 7 locked because you don’t remember the password or because it was locked by iCloud, it is still possible to unlock it to continue using it as normal. The process is really simple and although it has some other disadvantage that we will tell you about below, you can leave the phone fully operational. This process will also be valid for the iPhone 7 Plus.


Is it possible to unlock an iCloud locked iPhone 7?

If it is possible to unlock the SmartPhone using the iCloud Bypass technique using the exploit released from Checkra1n with this method It is definitely possible to bypass the iCloud Activation Lock, but it is not possible to “remove the unlock” completely. In other words, if you reset or update the device, it will lock again.

IPhones have a very useful feature called “Find My iPhone”, which allows you to locate this device if it is lost and lock it when it is lost or stolen. However, this function can become counterproductive if we suddenly find the phone and it had previously been locked. The way to verify that this lock is present is as follows:

  • If it is locked by Carrier, enter a different operator sim, if it tells you “SIM NOT SUPPORTED” then your mobile phone is locked.

Can you unlock an iPhone if its iCloud locked?

If you have an iPhone 7 / 7plus locked with iCloud, it is possible to unlock it with tools such as iLockBypass, a free software that unlocks any iPhone or iPad without having the iCloud credentials of its previous owner, currently supports all iOS.

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Many times you can run into the problem that your iPhone 7 / Plus is locked, because maybe you bought it online and did not verify the activation status or maybe you restored it from the factory and when you turn it on you realize that “iCloud activation Lock screem” is On, and of course it asks you to enter the apple id associated with this smartphone in order to activate it.

The problem really begins when you do not have the access credentials of the previous owner, you have realized that the iPhone will never be able to unlock it unless you use tools that help you to bypass said lock, if you are running this luck I will tell you what steps you should continue to bypass the icloud on your iphone 7.

How to unlock iphone 7 / 7Plus?

  1. Download iLockBypass to activate your iphone 7
  2. Apply Checkra1n
  3. Connect your device to the activation tool
  4. Press the “Unlock iPhone 7” Button
  5. Set up your iphone 7 Plus by entering a new apple iD