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How to Change IMEI for Samsung J5 or J5 Prime – Using iLockBypass Software

How to Change IMEI for Samsung J5 or J5 Prime

How to Change IMEI for Samsung J5 or J5 Prime is very useful to able to have access from your cell phone with other operators. Doing it may not be very easy for you but there are many ways for you to do it yourself and for free.

This IMEI is simply an identification number or code that all mobile or cellular devices have; these codes are unique and unrepeatable. In this way they work as the number that identifies a person and is composed of fifteen numerical digits. How to Change IMEI for Samsung J5 or J5 Prime.


Are you tired of your current operator, or do you have to pay more than normal for calls and texts? Do you want to go to the network used by most of your friends but other SIM card are not working in your phone?

 Change the IMEI for Samsung j5 or j5 prime? is a question that many users ask to be able to unlock their cell phone.

how to change imei samsung j5

The telephone operators use the IMEI code to keep track of cell phones or mobiles when they are connected to the mobile network; In this way, if you have a problem with a cell phone report, it is locked immediately thanks to this identification number.

However, many times old cell phones are locked in which they have not been used for a long time, or accidentally in system errors.


Lock cases such as the following:

  • Theft or theft of cell phone or mobile.
  • Loss of mobile.
  • If you have any debt or are in MORA, they can block it.
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Change IMEI for Samsung J5 or J5 Prime if possible and now we will show you how you can do it yourself with the best free iLockBypass software.

How to Change IMEI for Samsung J5 or J5 Prime using best software “iLockBypass”

If you have a cell phone or mobile that is locked or you want to change to another operator, what you can do is make the IMEI change, in this way any type of report that the device may have is eliminated and use it in another operator that you prefer.

When you want to change the IMEI number of the Samsung Galaxy J5 Prime, you can do it in two different ways:

  1. Changing the IMEI without the need for root, in this way you can immediately remove any restriction that your mobile may have blocked.
  2. Another way to do it, and it may be easier for many, is using iLockBypass software that can change the identification, for free that can facilitate the handling and that the change of IMEI is compatible with your cell phone.

An unlock code will be generated based on IMEI which is obtained after calling * # 06 # on your phone or removing the battery on the information label.

How to Change IMEI for Samsung J5 or J5 Prime

iLockBypass changer the identification of your mobile, taking into account that it only changes the last digits so that you can successfully maintain the brand and model of the mobile; in this way you can have a new IMEI on the Samsung J5 Prime.
You don’t have to worry about your information because iLockBypass makes a backup of the information, in case you ever want to go back to the original.

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Ready! Now you know how to change the imei on your Samsung J5 in the simplest way through the iLockBYpass software. just download the tool on our official site and you can enjoy any phone model without any problem and the best for FREE!