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How to Change IMEI number for Free on Android with and without Root

How to change IMEI number for free on Android with and without root

If you want  know how to change the IMEI number for free on your Android device with or without root, here we will explain it in detail.

But first we are going to define two key concepts.

that sometimes you do not know what it is about and that you hear frequently and are the central theme of this publication: Root and IMEI

Key terms How to change IMEI number for free on Android.

What is Root, rooting or rooting?

To understand and make a successful process you have to take into account what root, rooting or rooting in Android means, for those of our audience who are not familiar with the term.

When talking about performing some procedure on an Android device with root, it means that the user can enter the operating system with administrator privileges.

In other words, you can make changes to the programming codes of the device, which will give you access to the system configuration to make changes and be able to run specialized software.

What is the IMEI address?

IMEI is the acronym in English for (International Mobile Equipment Identity), it is the identification number assigned by the manufacturer to the device, the IMEI number is unique and serves for warranty purposes, technical service, locked in case of theft, or to request change of operator.

Why is the IMEI address so important?

The IMEI of your Android smartphone is also related to the security of the device.

In the event that the device is stolen, you must report the fact and provide the number so that the authorities and the operator can lock it and follow up.

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How to change IMEI number for free on Android with and without root

It is also important to know the IMEI number of the device to be able to reset it, in case it is delete |
when updating a custom ROM (Operating System File) file or something related.

We know that users have different needs and preferences, that is why we have created this guide with all the information you need.

In this post you will find how to change the IMEI number on Android with and without Root, and you can choose the method that suits you best and according to your need.

These methods will also help you restore the original IMEI number, in case your phone has been misconfigured.

Advantages of change the IMEI number

Before continuing with the guide How to change IMEI number for free on Android, let’s see the advantages and disadvantages of performing this operation on your mobile.


  1. change IMEI frequently, maybe it can remove the tracks from those people who want to use your android.
  2. Changing the IMEI number can fix errors for missing or invalid IMEI numbers and regain the functions and features of the device.
  3. If it’s an old device, you can get it to get updates by changing the IMEI number.
  4. By changing the IMEI number on your device with iLockbypass, you don’t risk causing any damage to the operating system.
  5. Change the IMEI number, somehow you will not run with the luck of the guarantee and the services offered by the manufacturer and the operator.

Method to change or Reset IMEI number on Android without Root

Below you will find method to change IMEI in Android without root, from factory.

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No Root Method Engineer Mode:

This method is safe both to change and to restore the original IMEI number of any android.

Before doing any process check if your device has a working IMEI address or not.

How to change IMEI number for free on Android with and without root

For this you only have to dial * # 06 #, and immediately all the IMEI addresses available in your phone will be displayed, which depend on the number of SIM cards inserted in your device.

If an error message appears, it means that it is necessary to restore the original imei number or change it, so that your android works correctly.

If you want to restore the original IMEI number, then we recommend this procedure that does not require the use of any root, but does allow you to enter the system in engineer mode.

Method to change IMEI number on Android with Root using ilockBypass software.

To change the IMEI number in Android with root, it is required that the device has specialized software that allows access to the operating system, which will help to modify this information.

How to change IMEI number for free on Android with and without root
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There are several softwares on the market and on websites, the choice will depend on what the software can provide you and how safe it is to modify your device and the functions that suit your tastes and needs.

We present you iLockBypass, it is one of the best rated softwares on the Internet, since rooting a mobile is easy with one – click.

This spftware will also free your Android device from any malware, which is very important because that is one of the great risks of rooting a mobile phone.

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iLockBypass Features:

  • iLockBypass supports any version of Android.
  • It has file notification.
  • Help improve the speed of your phone.
  • Provides a system to improve device performance.

Advantages of iLockBypass software:

  • iLockBypass offers free root access.
  • Help save battery.
  • It is compatible with various devices with Android operating system.
  • You have the possibility to customize your android with your tastes and needs.
  • It has a fast and easy to use interface and the best free.
  • rooting your device will not invalidate the factory warranty.

Free installation and use of iLockBypass to Root Android phone for easy IMEI change

Follow the steps below to install iLockBypass software, in order to facilitate IMEI change:

  1. Download the iLockBypass software.
  2. connect your device with a USB cable to the software.
  3. once connected to the software, it is recognized automatically by the software.
  4. just press the button
    Change imei” to start the rooting process.
  5. When the process is finished, a successful message will appear.


We hope that this guide has been very useful for you. Remember that the iLockBypass software is free, you can download it on our official platform.