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what is Jailbreak


Developer Axi0mX has released checkra1n, the first tool to jailbreak most iPhones, from iPhone 5 to iPhone X. Although Apple tries to avoid its use, they won’t be able to do anything for people to install it.

Jailbreak is process used to eliminate restrictions on the iPhone that allows you to install applications from non-certified places, that is, the App Store or make certain modifications to the System. The process used takes advantage of software errors or Bootrom that when exploited install a small program at startup of the operating system to modify it and access places where Apple put its padlock.

It is a fairly common practice years ago, when the quality of iOS and some vulnerabilities were so public, that Apple and the community played mouse and cat, a jailbreak was announced for a version of iOS and a few days later Apple released an update that corrected it.

Jailbreaks tethered vs untethered differences

To fully understand the differences between jailbreak tethered and untethered, let’s start by discussing the meaning of tethered. Tethered in English means ‘tied’ or ‘added’, that is, something that is firmly linked to something else. If we remember this, it will be easier for us to understand the difference between the two modes.
The next step would be to make a very brief explanation of how a jailbreak works. The iOS operating system works with a part, called the nucleus, that is fully protected, as if it were inside a cage. Jailbreaking is about breaking this cage, so we no longer have a protected core.
The problem is that this protection is activated when the operating system starts. In short, when you turn on your iPhone, one of the first processes that is done is to activate the protection of the nucleus.

Semi-tethered and semi-untethered methods

Lately, these partial methods are appearing, which can be very interesting. The explanation of how they work is as follows.


Like tethered, this mode does not modify the kernel, so it requires the iPhone to be connected to a computer or Mac to boot in jailbreak mode. The difference with tethered, is that you can turn on your smartphone without connecting to a computer and it will work without jailbreak. Anyway, I warn you that many applications, such as Safari, may fail).
This method is very useful for Jailbreaking, but being able to use the iPhone in case you need to restart it without having the computer available.


This is the newest method of all. The semi-untethered jailbreak works the same as the semi-tethered, that is, it does not modify the system core and we will lose the jailbreak when restarting. But it has an advantage, the system to reactivate the jailbreak is installed on the iPhone itself, so we can reactivate jailbreaking, without connecting to an external computer.

Jailbreak will allow you to install  iOS app store

Although to a lesser extent, in recent years Jailbreak was practically dead because Apple spent a lot of time improving the software and its errors that allowed it to be hacked. But this has changed since last September Axi0mX announced checkra1n that it was taking advantage of an error in Apple’s processors that was impossible to patch.

This method of hacking iPhone can be installed on any iPhone or iPad that uses an A5 to A11 processor. Essentially any device from iPhone 5s to iPhone X, both included.